Our Mission is to dramatically reduce fuel consumption in the maritime industry. Powering 90% of global trade, our sector could account for 17% of worldwide greenhouse gas production by 2050 - if nothing changes.

It’s our obligation as humans to try to make a meaningful attempt at reversing the damage we have already caused. It must be an industry decision with a sound and logical business choice.
— Anthony DiMare, Co-Founder & CEO Nautilus Labs Inc.

WE ARE DRIVING CHANGE by building the best modern maritime software in the industry for our clients. We partner with owner-operators to help them harness the power of their vessel data to make better business decisions and improve fleet management.

WE ARE BACKED BY TOP SILICON VALLEY INVESTORS and advisors of some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century, including: Facebook, Uber, Slack, Flexport, and Airbnb.

WE COME FROM THE TOP TECH COMPANIES in the world including Google, IBM, Pivotal, Palantir, and Amazon.


Meet Nautilus Labs


Anthony DiMare

Co-Founder + CEO

Brian O'Clair

Co-Founder + CTO

Matt Heider

Head of Sales

Kristi Grassi

Product Design Lead


Chris Agocs

Fullstack Engineer

Nathan McCloskey

Fullstack Engineer


Walton Seymour

Fullstack Engineer

Paulina Levit

Fullstack Engineer


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