We are a mission-first company located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard — a relic of the U.S. shipbuilding past, resurrected for new innovations.


Shout-out to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and New Lab.


Our Mission

The maritime sector is projected to account for 17% of worldwide GHG production by 2050 if nothing about ship operations and manufacturing changes. It would make shipping one of the largest continued contributors to airborne pollution on this planet, with the tipping point happening in the next 10 years.

At Nautilus, we’re rallied around a single cause, making products that have a direct impact on solving this problem. Our team is assembled from different facets of the tech and maritime sectors to provide new solutions to ship operators and maritime companies. 

It’s our obligation as humans to try to make a meaningful attempt at reversing the damage we have already caused. It must be an industry decision with a sound and logical business choice.
— Anthony DiMare, Founder & CEO Nautilus Labs Inc.

Meet the founders


Anthony DiMare

Cofounder + CEO

Brian O'Clair Nautilus Labs

Brian O'Clair

Cofounder + CTO

Latest Company Updates

Nautilus has done a lot already to impress us and are on the fast track to solving major issues in the maritime industry.
— Peter Hadjipateras, Corporate Development Manager, Dorian LPG (NYSE: LPG)