Advancing the efficiency of Ocean Commerce.

Ocean shipping consumes over $100 billion dollars of fuel every year, and up to 30% of it can be saved. For owner-operators, reliance on manually collected and analyzed data makes it difficult to optimize fleet performance in real-time. By providing a unified data platform that leverages machine learning, Nautilus helps its clients make better decisions to maximize the return on each ship and every voyage. For our clients, this means they drive closer collaboration, greater transparency, and stronger accountability across their global teams every day.

We are backed by top silicon valley investors and advisors of some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century, including Facebook, Uber, Slack, Flexport, and Airbnb.

We come from the top tech companies in the world, including Google, IBM, Pivotal, Palantir, and Amazon.

Meet the team


Matt Heider


Brian O'Clair

Co-Founder & CTO

Leigh Jaffe

Chief of Staff 

Lindsey O’Sullivan

People Operations


Delauno Hinson

Senior Client Executive

Caroline Jones

Client Executive

Taylor March

Client Executive

Jacob Wilson

Business Development


Max King

Business Development

Mark Ransom Day

Director of Marketing

Vanessa Roettger


Kristin Reilly

Senior Client Success Manager


Ross Millard

Strategy & Optimization Lead

Emily McGurrin

Data Analyst

Conor O’Sullivan

Data Analyst

Beeni Jacob

Deployment Manager


Wynn Smiley

Project Coordinator

Victor Ansart

Integrations Specialist

Jess Marquez

Operations Associate

Joel Hall

Head of Product


Lexi Fearon

Senior Product Manager

Georges Duverger

Product Manager

Kristi Grassi

Product Design Lead

Guilherme de Oliveira

Lead Data Scientist


Zachary Tessler

Data Scientist

Nathan McCloskey

Software Engineer

Chris Agocs

Software Engineer

Paulina Levit

Software Engineer


Daniel Deutsch

Software Engineer

Jason Won

Software Engineer

Patrick Brodie

Software Engineer

Jae Choe

Software Engineer


Adi Narula

Software Engineer

David Bravo

Software Engineer

Islam Bayoumy

Software Engineer


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