The Nautilus Autologger Platform.

Simple, secure Data collection and analytics for the maritime industry. Finally.

A complete hardware and cloud-based software solution made specifically for the current state of maritime technology.


Nautilus Labs Autologger vessel data maritime

The Autologger Hardware can be Fully integrated into your existing operation system.

We take time to understand each vessel’s entire IT stack, find the weaknesses/ vulnerabilities, and suggest the proper solution to connect the many fragmented networks to our hardware device. Each network stays separate and cannot communicate to the other. We work directly with your IT staff and existing OEM’s to help make integration and installation easy.


What We Can Do With The Data Makes Us Special.

It's easy to get overrun and overwhelmed by the amount of data generated on ships. What do you do with it? What analytics should you actually be looking for? How do we store it all? Is it safe?

This is where Nautilus comes in. We handle it all for you.

Hardware Specs

Type Approved hardware. Simplicity of the highest order.

Fanless, solid state computer - minimize maintenance and upkeep.

Linux-based OS


1TB SSD storage

2x Gigabit Ethernet

Serial Inputs:

  • 1x  RS-232
  • 1x RS-422/RS-485 non-isolated
  • 4x RS-422/RS-485 NMEA isolated 4 channel