Nautilus is built from the ground up for maximum data security. 

Complete 1024-bit, government-grade encryption.

Every bit of data is encrypted before it’s temporarily stored on the Nautilus Autologger. Our hardware cannot read or change any of the data before it’s safely transmitted back to shore where it's protected by the most robust set of cyber security solutions available. 

In addition, the on-device software can only transmit back to Nautilus servers and cannot write back to the ship's LAN networks. It will never interfere with any signals coming from critical sensors and devices.

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Onshore Data Storage

Our systems were designed for modern times. We securely transfer the raw sensor data off the ship back to shore, where we benefit from fast and cost-effective computing power to run custom reports and intelligent analytics.


We’re the needed gatekeepers for your data in the maritime space. Modern cyber security is at the foundation of all Nautilus Labs solutions – not just layered on top of old ones. Our platform is based on modern software architecture to protect your data and onboard systems.

Type Approved

All Nautilus Labs' hardware is Type Approved. We're in the process of getting our system classed to meet the range of regulatory, technical, and safety requirements necessary for the maritime industry.


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