Integrations Specialist - Linux Network Admin

Job Opportunity with Nautilus Labs Inc. (New York, NY)

Nautilus Labs is helping the maritime industry burn dramatically less fuel. Ocean shipping is expected to account for up to 17% of global emissions by 2050, and lax regulation means it won’t change without a compelling business improvement. Nautilus provides a decision-making platform to begin making better operational choices to save money on fuel.

This is a necessary step toward preserving/reversing effects of worldwide pollution moving forward.

As the demand for onboarding more vessels onto our platform grows, we're in need of a driven and self-motivated hardware integrations specialist with expertise in Linux Network Admin. The primary function of the role will be managing the deployment and integration of our Linux data collection computer onto a ship's onboard LAN network. 

This will be a traveling position and will require you to go out to ships while they're in port to connect our device and make sure we're properly collecting data from identified sources and confirm it's configured to their onboard network's specs.

There are times when the integration will be below deck in the Engine Control Room and you will be required to debug and configure the system without access to the internet. Because of that, this hire must specifically be able to: 

  • Know how to do network configuration on a headless Linux system from the command line. 
    • DHCP, Wifi, static IP, VPN, gateways, netmasks, firewalls. 
  • Read from serial devices from the Linux command line. 
    • stty, control modes, baud rate, start/stop/data bits, RS422, RS232. 
  • Be able to debug any of the above issues in Linux. 
  • Send email via an SMTP server. 
  • How to use Wireshark to debug ethernet. 
  • How to configure dual ethernet cards in Linux.
    • Channel bonding, bridging, gatewaying.

This position will have a high level of autonomy and independence, so great communication and organizational skills will be critical for a successful addition to the team. Proper documentation and organization of the installation process will be another task of the position.

This hire will work closely with the sales and engineering team to ensure deployments are planned, managed, and executed properly. Expect to be in close communication with customer’s technical departments to plan specific integrations.

This will be the person representing Nautilus out on the ships, so great interpersonal skills will be critical.

We’re open to remote work - but would prefer this person to be with the team in NYC as we continue to grow.

Expected work experience: 2+ yrs. 
Ideal Education: Management of Information Systems

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