Smart Integration With Nautilus Platform

Nautilus solutions can be fully integrated into your existing systems.

We take time to understand each vessel’s entire IT stack and suggest the proper solution to connect the many fragmented networks to our hardware device. Your network remains separate and secure.


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Platform Infrastructure

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1. On-Ship

The Nautilus Autologger, our small solid-state device, collects all the raw data via LAN or serial connection, and then stores it locally with government-grade AES 128-bit key encryption.

3. On-Shore

The Nautilus Labs server stores all data using government-grade AES 128-bit encryption. Only authorized users can access, decrypt, and read the data. All generated reports and data analytics are encrypted as well.

2. Transfer

Compressed and encrypted data gets transmitted back to shore over a secure internet channel using the SSL/TLS protocol, the industry standard for financial services and healthcare companies, via your existing satellite connection.

4. Compliance

The Nautilus Autologger is designed to have no impact on mission critical systems. It is no substitute for IMO MSC.333(90) mandated Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs). This is a new type of marine system, enabling a completely new type of service, and it currently has no IMO or national laws/requirements.

  • Type Approved (DNV GL)

  • NMEA 0183 Standards

  • CE and UL Rated

  • Government-Grade Encryption

Nautilus Autologger Hardware Specs

Type Approved hardware. Simplicity of the highest order

2x Gigabit Ethernet

Serial Inputs:

  • 1x RS-232

  • 1x RS-422/RS-485 non-isolated

  • 4x RS-422/RS-485 NMEA isolated 4 channel

Fanless, Solid State Computer

Linux-based OS


1TB SSD storage