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Nautilus Platform unifies, verifies, and analyzes vessel data in real time, helping operators make better business decisions in order to save time and money. From automated reporting with TrueNoon, to granular visibility through TrueVoyage, to continuous learning with TrueAnalytics, each component of Nautilus Platform enables our customers to make better decisions faster.


Automate Data Collection


Unify Siloed Datasets


Verify Existing Reporting


Collect Data Constantly


Access Reports Anywhere


Make Informed Decisions


TRUENOON — Automated Noon Reporting

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Noon data you can trust

Nautilus Platform’s TrueNoon collects noon values directly from the ship’s sensors and reports it all to any device, anywhere. In addition we pull in manual reports and use smart anomaly detection to identify any meaningful variances - so you can take action immediately.

Remove human errors from data collection and reporting

Access data in a web-portal and via email (pdf, csv)

Benefit from automatic reporting and anomaly detection


TRUEVOYAGE — 24/7 Data Visibility

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More data for better decisions

Nautilus Platform’s TrueVoyage delivers every critical reporting value continually and enables ship performance monitoring at all times. Finally the shore and ship are closely connected, providing granular insights. Owner-operators can impact voyage economics every day and over time.

Understand how ships are performing at all times

Collect and view thousands more data points each day

Pull in data from any sensor, system, or reporting tool


TRUEANALYTICS — A Decision Engine That Learns

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Continuous improvement saves you money

Nautilus Platform’s TrueAnalytics helps maritime organizations build the foundation for predictive decision making. Start by comparing the performance of ships, routes, and captains over time. As datasets grow and our algorithms learn, the ability to draw operational insights and apply them across fleets expands exponentially.

Improve decision support every day with data science

Enjoy cutting edge analytics capabilities to stay ahead

Take data-driven actions to improve your business


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Nautilus analytics for maritime operations

Best in Class

Nautilus builds the best maritime data verification and vessel analytics tool.

best ship analytics platform

Smart Hardware Integration

Nautilus autologger can be smartly integrated  into a vessel's existing systems.