Simplify your reporting and gain a bigger picture with smart analytics.

We make it easy. We tailor it to you.

Nautilus Autologger Platform gives you full access to any connected ship on your fleet. We collect as much data as possible to give you the most granular view in real time from anywhere in the world. Customize your reporting to your needs and improve your operations over time.

  • Automated Noon Reports

  • Historical Data Management

  • Automated Emissions Reporting

  • Smart Analytics


We’re developing analytical tools that won’t just show you where mistakes or inefficiencies were made, but will associate those decisions to actual changes in performance so they can be avoided in the future.

Our modern analysis tools can be used to change operational and navigational decisions to save up to 30% on fuel costs.

Talk to us to learn more about Nautilus reporting and analytics capabilities and register below if you are interested in becoming a Beta Partner.